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Medical Billing and Coding Baldwin, NY

Nov 18

What is medical billing?

The process of billing patients for the medical procedures that they undergo is called medical billing (physical and hospital billing). It is the process of submitting claims to the health insurance companies on behalf of patient bills provided by the healthcare companies. 

What is medical coding?

Medical coding is the online transformation of the patient’s medical procedures into codes that record the healthcare documentation, treatment, diagnosis and medical services. It includes medical services such as laboratory tests, radiology results and physicians’ transcription. 

Types of coding data:

Patient Data

Patient data includes demographic information, name, residency, date of birth, status, sex and insurance data. 

Medical Data

Medical data includes medical information like accident date, injury or illness, diagnosis and treatment by the prescribed doctor or physician.  The patient’s diagnosis is written using the code of the ICD (International Classification of Disease) Coding Book.

Services Provided/Charge Data

It is the data that record the services provided by the medical healthcare and physician. The services rendered are reported using codes from the CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) Coding Book.

What is In house medical billing vs outsourcing medical billing?


In house medical billing is the billing within the health department; it allows strict control over the patient accounts, all kinds of expenses within the health care services of the hospital or clinic. It includes costs, labour, billing (software or hardware), training, etc. It is responsible for all aspects of the revenue cycle management cycle.

In-house Pros: 

  • Control billing functions. (Suppose existing employees can execute medical coding and billing. In that case, administrators and providers will appreciate having control of financial operations through in-house billing and receiving all the profits.)
  • Accessibility. (It takes to observe the billing process and address any problems that are accessible and resolved quickly. )
  • Maintain patient confidentiality. (It is strictly controlled over accounts).

In-house Cons: 

  • Control billing functions.
  • Accessibility. 
  • Maintain patient confidentiality. 
  • Costs. 
  • High level of billing capacity needed. 
  • Ongoing training needs. If the training of your staff and billing capacity (including coding, billing execution, and billing technology) is not updated, this will be risky. 
  • Dependent on a few staff. (If your billing department consists of a few members, it will be problematic to handle.)

Outsourced Medical Billing

The healthcare providers may outsource their medical billing to a third party known as a medical billing service. These billing services typically take a percentage of the payment for managing the revenue.

Outsourced Pros: 

  • Cost. Outsourcing billing is less expensive for clinics starting to bill or with a small number of annual claims. 
  • Timely. 
  • Minimal staff billing expertise. 
  • Benefit from experience. 
  • Minimal IT needs.

Outsourced Cons:

  • Maintain and oversee contractual obligations.  
  • For small clinics, difficulty finding outsourced billing company. 
  • Less control over patient accounts. 

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