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Cyprus Students Study in the UK

Nov 24

Cypriot Students in the UK has been a focus for many in Cyprus with kids wanting to study in the UK. The UK has been a popular destination for many years, but since Brexit and Covid-19 a lot has changed. This does not mean it’s the end of Cypriots Studying in the UK, it just means there are mor challenges and it could affect demand in the short term. This article looks to help identify  the current climate what is to come for students who want to study in the UK in the coming years.

Why is the UK Popular with Cypriot Students?

Cyprus is considered one of the most educated countries in the world with a many Cypriots studying at university level, in the UK. A lot of students want to study in the UK as their first choice when going to university. As Cyprus have such as strong link, with many students being able to write and speak English fluently, drive on the same side of the road and their legal system being based off the UK as well as many cultural links. It is not uncommon to find a lot of dual nationalities in Cyprus with British/Cypriot being one of the most common. This strong link and the high level of university education in the UK, makes it an obvious choice for many prospective students.

What has changed for Cypriot Students?

At peak time there has been up to 10,000 Cypriots studying in the UK at one time, which is a large proportion of the country’s student population. According to Cyprus Mail it is still a popular choice for students; however, this has recently changed somewhat with the recent Brexit. With both the Brexit and Covid-19, it has created a lot of barriers for students wanting to study in the UK.  Since the EU referendum in the UK, which is better known as Brexit has changed the situation for students as they are longer able to gain the same benefits, they once had, fees have dramatically increased, loans that they were eligible are no longer eligible for making it less desirable as it can be out of budget for many students. Alongside this Covid- 19 has made it harder with travel restrictions.

Will Cypriot Students study in the UK?

However, regardless of the difficult situation, there has been a strong demand of Cypriot students wanting to come to the UK according to Meraki Student. The UK has one of the world’s best educations, that is still cheaper then the US, and much closer to travel. There are still challenges but the demand is currently there and there is hope the UK will work to improve the current situation for Cypriot and other EU students to study in the UK.  UK universities will continue to accept students across the world and have actual seen a total increase of international students since Brexit which has mainly come from students from China and India, with growth in areas such as the Middle East, and Asia.