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What is Baccarat Online and How to Play It?

Dec 23

What is Baccarat Online and How to Play It?

Baccarat is a card game in which the player faces the dealer, which represents the casino. Like almost all popular games, it has several versions or modes of play, just like blackjack. It is a game born centuries ago, so it is normal that it evolves and with it new variants appear that make the game even more entertaining. Let's see what the game of Baccarat is all about and how to play baccarat online the right way.


Something important that we must know is what we will get back for our bet made each time we win. Baccarat payouts per winning hand are the followings:


  • If the player's hand wins and you bet on it, you will receive a payout of 1 to 1, that is, your bet plus another equal bet. For example, if you bet $1 and win, you will receive your $1 bet + another $1 in profit.
  • If the dealer's hand wins and this was your bet, you will win 0.95 to 1, that is, like the previous one but eliminating the typical 5% casino commission.
  • In the case of having bet on the tie and ending like this, you receive a payment of 8 times to 1, although it is true that it is very difficult for this to happen and that is why it is not advisable to bet on the tie despite the fact that it pays so extremely well.


Tips for Playing Baccarat Online

As always, we want to give you some basic tips to try to win some money playing baccarat and, above all, that you have total fun playing this great online casino game. We recommend the following tips:


  • Try playing for free, playing for fun: You can find lots of free baccarat games online and get practice before starting to play with real money.
  • Be analytical: Analyze the plays and draw your own game strategy for online baccarat.
  • Use a bank manager to play baccarat: Do not bet your entire balance on one play, you will most likely lose and the fun is over.
  • Don't bet on a tie: We know that the payment of 8 to 1 sounds tempting, but it really is very difficult to tie and precisely because of that low probability it pays so high. Forget about betting on a tie in baccarat!
  • Enjoy playing and play responsibly.

Types of Baccarat

A game as popular as Baccarat worldwide, it is logical that it has different variants that are emerging in different places around the world. Let's see the main variants of the game below.



This is the most played variety today in famous casinos. It is a variety with Argentine origin and it was already invented in the 1950s, making it a very traditional baccarat game.



Another variety of game that dates from even before the point and bank, since it is believed that it already has more than 100 years of history. A variety played mainly in Europe. It is the version of the game that is also sometimes referred to as “two tables”.



The oldest of all, widely played in France already at the beginning of the 19th century, so we could consider it the oldest version of the game. It is not a version of the game that we can often find in countries like the United States, but in Europe it is highly popular.