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Triad Stun Guns

Jan 31

The Safety Technology Triad 27,000,000 Stun Gun combines a strong stun gun, an ear-piercing alarm, and an LED light into a gadget that is less than half the size of a standard stun gun. It is portable and lightweight, with a height of around 3 inches and a weight of less than two ounces. No one would believe you're carrying a stun gun because of its distinctive look. You'll keep the bad man guessing until it's too late; the bad guy won't know what hit him until it's too late!

Triad stun guns are smaller than typical stun guns, yet it has greater power than most other versions on the market today. Frequently, test shooting this device into the air is enough to halt an assailant. If it doesn't, a shock will almost certainly do the trick.

Simple to carry: When you need to protect yourself, you don't want to have to race to locate your stun gun. You'll be ready to defend yourself in an instant if you wrap the lanyard around your wrist.

When on the road, use the provided USB charging wire in a USB port on your computer or your own wall block in an electrical outlet or auto charger.

A safety switch has been included in to avoid unintentional discharge.

The 130 dB alarm is loud enough to scare away an assailant or request assistance. LED Flashlight: delivers reliable illumination anytime it is required.

Purchase with confidence, since this item comes with a lifetime warranty. Safety Technology manufactures Triad Stun Guns with only the highest quality materials and offers a lifetime guarantee.

STUN GUN (Triad 27,000,000*) • USB to Micro USB Charging Cord (USB to Micro USB)