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Pokemon Toys and Pokemon Cards for Sale – 11 Energy Types in Pokemon Trading Card Game

Jul 10

If you are a Poke-maniac, you must know about Pokemon Toys, Pokemon Cards for Sale and Pokemon Trading Card Game. This game may not be as popular as the video games, but there are many Poke-lovers who play the game. If you are one of them, here is some information about 11 energy types you have to know.

  1. Colorless

The strength of this energy is that all energy types can be used as colorless energy. Double Colorless is its unique energy providing 2 energies into the pool. Several best Colorless Energy Types you can find are Jigglypuff GX and Mega Lopunny.

  1. Dragon

Dragon Energy type is different from other energy that will possess any energy cards. It needs to utilize 2 different energy types to attack, so that this energy comes to be one of the weakest one. Arceus & Dialga & Palkia Tag Team and also Duraludon VMAX have this kind of energy.

  1. Metal

In TCG, metal is the type given to steel. Even though it is one of the weakest energy types, you can try and measure the strength of this energy by yourself. Some Pokemon having the energy are Zacian V and Jirachi. You may find them in Pokemon Cards for Sale.

  1. Lighting

It seems like a strong energy since Pikachu & Zekron Tag Team have this energy. However, in fact, this energy is weak to fighting. You can still win the battle by combining this card with other different energies. Good luck!

  1. Darkness

Darkness Pokemon often have a powerful ability to interact with Pokemon on the bench. It’s powerful enough to make a real threat and create a higher possibility to win. Crobat V, Eternatus and Galarian Zigzagoon are some Pokemon with this energy. Are they your favorite Pokemon Toys character?

  1. Fairy

Contrary to the name, Fairy Energy supports the Pokemon to play well on the bench. One of the utilities of Fairy Types is to send two benched Pokemon and reset them. The most popular Pokemon with this energy is Sylveon GX.

  1. Grass

The strength of Grass energy is from the extra effects of their moves, so the Pokemon will spread status to others easier. Also, it can potentially freeze up the opponent’s turn. If you want to get this energy, get Rowlet & Exeggutor Tag Team. Find them in Pokemon Cards for Sale in online shops.

  1. Fighting

Fighting energy is a giant threat since they will hit hard and give a great damage output. That is why, having this Pokemon will open a bigger opportunity to win. There are many Pokemon in TCG with this kind of energy.

  1. Fire

Being top 3 strongest energy in TCG, the main gimmick of Pokemon with this type is detaching energy cards to attack. For those who are fans of this energy, Pokemon Toys characters such as Victini V and Centiskorch V are the best choice for you.

  1. Psychic

This energy is quite similar to Fairy, but Psychic energy is stronger. Generally, Pokemon with this type can use Colorless energy for their moves. As a powerful Pokemon, many people look for Polteageist and Mewtwo & Mew Tag Team which have this energy.

  1. Water

Pokemon Cards on Sale provides many Water Pokemon like Frosmoth and Inteleon VMAX. This kind of energy is the strongest among others in TCG. It is powerful enough to beat Fire and Fighting cards. This card will never disappoint you, huh?

After you know all energy types in TCG, let’s check which Pokemon cards you have. If you have less cards, make your collection complete now by having more Pokemon Toys and Pokemon Cards on Sale today!