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3 Practical steps to create feedback loop in your franchise system

Jul 15

The relationship between a franchisor and franchisee is significant, both personally and professionally. It leads them to achieve their individual objectives as well as their company objectives. Franchisors and franchisees struggle to stay in tune with each other one of the most difficult tasks.

It's vital to develop a system that enables franchise owners to succeed while keeping their problems and achievements in mind. By setting up a feedback loop between the franchises, this may be achieved. To put it another way, having a method to regularly obtain information from your franchisees is required for you to stay in the game. Remember to keep an open mind and implement the following three steps:

1) Stay in touch, beyond your scheduled visits

How do you start a feedback cycle? Listen to their dreams, highs, and lows to get started. In order to maintain continuity in their training and provide guidance, your team might regularly stay in touch. For them, a phone call to simply check how they're doing can go a long way. This might indicate how dedicated the franchisor is.

2) Arrange for regular gatherings with your franchise owners

Meeting with them on a regular basis may help you perform better and get positive outcomes if you're really prepared for feedback and wish to enhance your connections. Listen to your franchisees' ideas and even difficulties about processes.

This may lead to fruitful and informative discussions. Furthermore, other franchisees can benefit from their best practices by sharing them. The franchisor, like everyone else, can learn from others. This demonstrates a willingness to progress and develop. Particularly from folks who have put a lot of their time, money, and effort into your system.

3) Employ third-party researchers and use surveys

To obtain feedback from your franchisees, you might engage a third party. You'll be at risk, but you'll also get a true picture and franchisees' viewpoints as a result of this. Find market research firms or consultants that can interview your franchisees and collect the data for you. This might often be accompanied by a charge.

Google Forms or Survey Monkey are two free services that you can use on a budget. The easier it is to address their needs and anticipate future requirements of other franchisees by allowing for more open and honest feedback.

Keeping communication open between franchisors and all potential franchisees can help your franchise system in the long run, not just right now.

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