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Walnut Creek Guitar Stores

Jul 29

Where Are All the Guitar Shops in Walnut Creek, CA?

If you're looking for a local guitar store in Walnut Creek, California, well, the choices are surprisingly limited.

In years past, Walnut Creek was home to the great Primo Music on Ygnacio Valley road, but Primo has been gone for a long time. Now however, the top three results in Google are a piano store(!), a harp store(!!) and a store in Lafayette. 

So where can you go and what should you look for when you need a guitar in Walnut Creek? This review of nearby guitar shops to Walnut Creek will help you choose the right one for your needs. 

What to Look For In a Guitar Store

In a word, guitars!

The best music stores sell instruments, set them up and repair them. A guitar especially requires a professional setup to be as playable as possible.

The Best Places to Buy Guitars near Walnut Creek

And when things go wrong, you don't want to have to ship your precious axe somewhere, do you? You want to take it to the place you bought it, because they know what's needed. 

You can also often take lessons at the best shops for guitarists.

These elements combined help make up the fabric of a great place to buy a guitar. 

The Best Places to Buy Guitars in Walnut Creek

While Guitar Center in Concord has a large selection, the staff of many of these large chain stores has lots of turnover, so you may get someone new every time you visit. Given their huge size, they do offer many of the latest models and this store also offers repair services and lessons.

The other closest store is Mighty Fine Guitars in Lafayette, technically part of Lamorinda Music. MFG sells only acoustic guitars, so if you're looking to try both an acoustic and an electric, you'll have to look elsewhere, like our next store.

While there are several Walnut Creek guitar stores, Danville Music is probably the most comprehensive. This store has everything you could possibly need from electric and acoustic guitars to guitar accessories and gear. Danville Music also offers repair services and exceptional customer service. They also offer free shipping and repair services. Danville Music doesn't advertise it, but it is very likely the cleanest music store you've ever been in. None of the musty-fusty funk of some of the local piano shops in the area, this place is the real deal, and they are truly the only place to visit if you're a guitar afficianado -- or you want to be.

Thus, ironically, Danville Music is our recommendation for the best guitar store in Walnut Creek, CA. We highly recommend you check them out!