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What to Look For in a Photo Booth Rental Company For Sweet 16?

Aug 20

Renting a photo booth for sweet 16s is a terrific way of adding another dimension to your event. Photo booths are really fun because they can capture and create memories. They come with a ton of different props and styles, so get it going!

To make sure you're hiring the right company for your needs, here are six things to consider before you make a decision:

Good Reviews

As we all know, a photo booth is an excellent way to add a different dimension to your event. With it, you can trigger memories and capture personality, whether you're the one in the spotlight or behind the lens.

Photo booths are becoming more popular at events. They come with props and a set style, so you can find one that suits your event the best. Most companies offer their services online which makes it quick to learn more about them.

A company will have a good website, and reviews, and will know what they are doing. Reviews are a great way to tell if a company is providing quality services and whether you will be satisfied as well.

However, if you see a really low number of reviews or equally high numbers, that usually means trouble. Again, there are exceptions: newer companies may not have much of an online footprint as older ones. It's not that they're a bad business. It just means there aren't enough reviews yet to give them their score.

Cost vs Budget

One thing to do before hiring anyone for your event is to first look at the costs. You want to ask them how much their prices are, compare their fees vs others and see if you can get any discounts. Or you might want to check out other companies who might be able to provide a better price.

There is no fixed price for a photo booth. You should always be prepared to draw up a budget and plan your day with the price that you are most comfortable with. You can offset these costs by opting for cheaper offers from other companies. But if you have a limited budget, this might not be possible.

Customer Service

A dependable photo booth rental company should be quick to answer questions and address issues. They should also have polite, understanding employees. Providing good customer service is one way to make sure that customers are happy with your business.

A company could have the best equipment, but there's surely a chance that one of these parts fails in the future. Every company needs to plan for this inevitable day and how it may affect their business.

Poor customer service can be a pretty big factor in choosing a company and it's not always something that management consciously thinks about. If they choose someone who doesn't provide good customer service, this could be what people remember most about the company and reflect poorly on the business.

Good Equipment

Photo booths come in many shapes and sizes. You can choose between enclosed photo booths or open space ones, for example. Some rental companies offer 180-degree or even 360-degree booths as well.

A company will be primarily assessed by the quality of its equipment. The gears it has need to be reliable, durable and capable enough to provide you with top quality services which fulfill the occasion in question. Hire an event photographer to make sure you have the necessary props, backdrops and other equipment as well as instant printing services.

Make sure that you examine everything before signing anything, or you could make a mistake that will affect your event. Consider the set-up, props, and quality printers to make sure that your big day goes perfectly.

Additional Features

Rental companies offer a variety of photo booth add-ons for your event. We offer GIFs, green screens, and Social Media options for easy sharing on Instagram and Facebook.

It's important to know if the company provides any additional features. Some offer it for free, while others might charge a fee for it. Make sure to ask enough questions in order to get your feature needs met without overspending.

Customize Your Branding

Customized photo booth companies can help you create moments that will have lasting memories. You can find a variety of different booths, such as those with green screens or 360º pictures, which will require contacting them directly and visiting their site for more information.

Get your picture taken in a promo booth, so people know where you are. The background is then displayed and branding can be added with features like logos. Many photo booths have these capabilities.


As a party planner, have you considered the use of photo booths? Whenever it comes to a once-in-a-lifetime event like a wedding or birthday party, it is always worth doing the extra research and asking around about the different companies available. Consider their quality and prices and see if they suit your needs. An important aspect to consider is the wide range of extra features they provide such as props, backdrops, etc.

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