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How To Create A Saas System Your Clients Can't Live Without - Start w 1 Ultimate Highlevel Snapshot

Oct 4
In this ultimate Small Business snapshot I'm excited to show you guys everything we do to get a new client connected. This is their website connected A to Z, and everything else we do. 
Once the snapshot is loaded into their account, we have the training course right there. Here, I will follow the steps step-by-step. 
So we imported the snapshot, added users, updated their profiles, and integrated everything. 
Let's go ahead and take care of that. 
So you need to add a user into the account so go to my staff and make sure at least one person isn't here, this should be your client and then we're gonna go to integrations ▪ and make sure you have their google account connected. 
If they have a facebook instagram, these are business accounts, make sure those are connected a stripe account if you plan on using payments for them, make sure that you get that connected and this is really easy to do you can do this with them on the call, we have onboarding services that take care of this for you and a whole bunch of other things on that onboarding, we trained them and everything but ▪ yeah so here you just your client would have to go in and sign in with google select their account, press allow ▪ and voila now it is connected and then if you have with, so this is really important your clients especially if they're local businesses will or should have a google my business account. 
Now once you connect the gmail, google my business will automatically populate pop up here to also connect but you have to make sure that the account that you're connecting, the gmail account that you're connecting is the same one that they used to make their google my business profile then it'll pop up if there if you connected a different one and the google my business has a different one on file, you won't see it. 
So make sure that whatever is in your G. M. B. 
Is the one that you connect here if you want that to populate. 
Alright so close and then if you have out accounts and other things that select connected to this to this email, those will also populate and you can connect that here as well. 
So here is where you can go ahead and choose the G. M. B. 
Page and of course connect facebook and instagram as well as stripe. 
Alright so once all of that is taken care of you want to go ahead and go over to the profile so in profile help them update their password if you've started them off with a temporary password for the email signature. 
Let's go ahead and update that they ▪ can populate their email signature that they already have existing or you can really quickly set up one for them right with their name and their business made their company and their phone number.