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How to Update Coupon Date Expiration Using Math Operations in GoHighLevel

Oct 11
I'm going to share a tip or trick that shows us how to add a coupon expiration date in the future. In this example, we have created a coupon that will expire five days from now. From the day we send out the trigger, the message will expire dynamically after five days from that day. 
This was a question one of my customers asked so I decided to build it out and this is actually possible now that you can use the math operations at the high level.
Take a close look and pay attention. The first thing you need to know is how it works. What you wanna do is go ahead and create a custom field. 
Therefore, we have created a custom field called the coupon expiration date
And then the next thing what you want to do is add in a math operation. 
So just hit the plus sign, go to math operation, select field as the current date. 
Then go ahead and select add and change the days to number number of days you want. 
So it could be 30 days, five days, 15 days whatever you want and then select the field that you want to update. 
In this case we're gonna update coupon expiration date one field and go ahead and name this operation and then save action. 
I'm not going to save this because we already did that exact same thing right here. There we go. 
So expires in five days and we've we're updating this field. 
So and I went to test workflow and added myself in there and triggered this out. 
and it received a message that had an expiration date five days in the future. 
So today here it is september 19th 2022. The date of this recording and here we go. 
This is a message I received 30% off da da da da da code is valid only till 20 to 9 24 which is five days from today. 
It's the 19 today and it's gonna expire on the 24th. 
The only comment to have for high level team is that if we can maybe format allow us to format the date. 
this goes into so we can just say 9 20 for just the the date and the month instead of the year because that that may not be necessary or do put in 9 24 slash 2022 instead of the weird format that the year is being used in the front. 
That's all but it's super easy if you want to update any sort of date. 
So here's another example that was just one coupon that we were updating, say someone buys a subscription and you have or there's some sort of a warranty that you offer and you want to send out a message at the time. 
The warranty expires. This is an important one because I've been asked this several times in the past. 
So all you do is create a warranty expiration date ▪ and go ahead and hit add and update the current date. 
And that I'm sorry at 12 months to it or 365 days whatever you want. 
And create your custom field called the warranty expiration date. 
And from the day they purchase whatever it is that you're selling it, we'll go into that workflow and the Math operation will update that field. 
Now you can use that that field to trigger off warranty expiration messages. Things of that nature in the future. 
And let's say let's say you wanted to tag not tag but you wanted to have a record of when a certain product was purchased. 
So you can create a field called date of purchase. 
Let's say right and then ▪ ▪ use the select field as the current date and then you don't have to add anything to it. 
Just update the field and boom that's your workflow. And now you got the date that product was purchased. 
So you can go back and say okay this is the date you purchased for example the subscription of whatever that was right. 
So that's how you do that. There's plenty of use cases for this. 
But Math operations, that's that's what you use to update. 
You wanna you wanna use this first and then any sort of messaging that you want to send out in there. 
You want to use the custom field to enter the custom field. 
You simply want to go into custom values, Contact custom fields. 
And here are the two that I created for coupon expiration date. One coupon expiration date too. 
We're gonna use them in different manners. 
But that's all you do is select that and boom your date will populate there and just be sure to have the text appropriately formatted there. 
So it says expiration date is or things of that nature. ▪ Well there you go. 
If there's anything else that you'd like to know another type of trip that that you would like us to record, please let us know in the comments and be sure to subscribe to this channel so you can learn more about high level in the future. 
Thanks take care ▪ ▪ 

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