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Bring it Back with Jukebox Hire in Manchester

Dec 28

A jukebox in Manchester, UK is a music-playing device that allows users to select and listen to songs from a pre-defined playlist or collection of music. Jukeboxes in Manchester are typically found in public places such as bars, restaurants, and arcades, and are often used for entertainment and as a backdrop to social events.

If you are interested in hiring a jukebox, there are several options available to you. Many companies offer jukebox rental services that allow you to choose the type of jukebox you want and the duration of the rental. You can also hire a jukebox through a party rental company or an event planning service.

Before Jukebox Machine Rent Manchester, it's important to consider the type of event you are hosting and the preferences of your guests. You should also consider the cost of the rental and any additional fees or charges that may be associated with it. It's a good idea to shop around and compare prices from different companies before deciding.

Playdium by Touch Tunes

The latest smart, modern music experience. Unique customer-engaging experience.

  • Your customers can control the Touch Tunes Jukebox from their mobile phones.
  • Photo booth sharing through email and social media.
  • Browse, search, and explore the latest music from our constantly updated playlists.
  • Simple user interface for easy customer use.
  • Sleek, Modern design with a Wide Screen Touch Screen.

Venue Hub Video by Sound Leisure

The largest collection of music from any other jukebox in the world.

  • 32” touchscreen jukebox
  • UK Official Singles Chart from 1952 (only available on Sound Leisure digital jukeboxes)
  • Control the music using your smartphone using the Sound jack App
  • Create your own dance video.
  • On-screen advertising for your venue.
  • Display your venue’s list of events and sports fixture lists.
  • Display your venue’s social media feeds on the jukebox screen.

Classic Juke Boxes by Sound Leisure

The finest, retro, and classic jukeboxes. Our supplier Sound Leisure has been producing a number of Jukeboxes for over 40 years (1978 – 2018) one of the few remaining classic jukebox manufacturers in the world.

Their jukeboxes are finished to the highest of standards using the finest craftsmanship.

  • The classic Jukeboxes create a retro feel to your venue.
  • All the Jukeboxes are custom-made by experienced craftsmen.
  • Made using the best materials, metal finished and fine wood.
  • Using the latest technology, such as Bluetooth features and digital amplification.

Why Hire a Jukebox

Music is one of the oldest and most popular forms of entertainment enjoyed by humans. People across the world love to listen to their favorite music. This makes a machine like a jukebox the perfect addition to any crowded business. If you’ve ever been to a retro-style diner before, you’ve probably seen one of these machines in action.

Giving guests the option to choose the music which is playing may seem like a small thing. There are lots of people out there who love to have the chance to select this part of their evening. We have many machines on offer, and you can find a little bit of information about each of them below. We also offer Pool Table Rent Manchester, Fruit Machine Rent Manchester, Arcade Machine Rent Manchester, and Boxing Machine Rent Manchester.

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