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Gonzo's Quest Slot Review

Jan 12

NetEnt's extraordinarily fun and popular Gonzo's Quest slot has been a favorite in casinos around the world for over a decade. This slot machine is endowed with a simple and fun mechanic that accompanies a jungle and adventurous style set in the time of the conquistadors.

Like other games, it is full of prizes, Gonzo’s Quest bonuses and promos for the most skilled players who can take advantage of their games while having fun with Gonzo (Gonzalo Pizzaro) in this unforgettable adventure in search of treasures and fortune.

Gonzo's Quest was developed by the skilled Swedish team NetEnt and launched in 2010, the date on which its impact and fame in the world of casino games would begin. Since then, many players from all over the world play Gonzo’s Quest slot and earn money from it. Do you want to know why it is as good as they say? We will tell you shortly.

Mechanics of Gonzo's Quest

As its name indicates, this slot video game is based on the adventure of the famous Spanish conquistador Gonzalo Pizarro and his search for El Dorado in the mid-15th century. In the intro of the game, we can see how Gonzo abandons his galleon after reaching the Peruvian coast to search for El Dorado, guided by a treasure map that he previously stole.

After the intro, Gonzo quickly stands on the screen next to the reels that will determine our games. Some of the most notable elements of this NetEnt game, in graphic terms, are its attractive designs and architecture that do justice to the Inca culture from which they are inspired.

On the other hand, throughout the game we will be in front of a group of stones that form 5 columns and 3 rows, each one of these rocks carved with symbols and shapes of human or animal faces in the Inca style. Each symbol is differentiated in the games mainly by its colors and shapes.

The mechanics of the Gonzo's Quest game is based on us placing our bet so that later, and clicking on the main button, the reels change as new stones fall in an avalanche, while those that form a pattern (or winning lines) explode and give way to a new avalanche of rocks, giving the multiplier effect. Besides, you can use the best Gonzo’s Quest slot tips and strategies to win in this game.

Gonzalo Pizarro, the protagonist of Gonzo's Quest

Gonzalo Pizarro (Gonzo) is the main character of Gonzo's Quest and it is on him and his mythical story that the game is based. He is in search of El Dorado and accompanies us throughout the game, celebrating our victories but not intervening in any way in the results.