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Looking for real ghost stories?

Apr 12

Real Ghost Stories Brought To You By

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Are you a believer in ghosts and the paranormal? Then, you’ll be interested to know that at, we’ve compiled some of the most chilling real-life ghost stories out there.

According to one story, an elderly woman in the United Kingdom was visited by a ghostly figure in her bedroom. She described the figure as a white-haired man in a dark suit. He didn’t say anything, but he simply stared at her with a creepy smile. She was so frightened that she couldn’t move. After a few seconds, he suddenly vanished.

In another story, a man in the United States was talking on the phone late at night when he heard a loud bang coming from the bedroom. He went to investigate and found the door closed, but when he opened it, he saw a ghostly figure hovering near the ceiling. The figure was wearing a hooded robe and was surrounded by a bright light. He quickly closed the door and ran away.

In the third story, a family in Canada was visited by a ghostly figure in their home. The figure was described as a young girl in a white dress. She would often appear in the living room, sitting silently and watching the family. On one occasion, she even moved some furniture around.

These are just a few of the real-life ghost stories that we’ve collected here at If you’re brave enough, why not take a look at our collection and see what other chilling stories we have to offer?  Read some real ghost stories here.