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Tote Mixers For Mixing Paint

Nov 14

Mixing 2 year old paint for roadways and parking lots come in a wide variety of formulations that must meet stringent DOT requirements for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dry times and durability. But one critical requirement for achieving successful product performance is thorough mixing prior to application.

IBC totes are commonly used containers for storing and efficiently transporting highway marking paints on truck trailers. Unfortunately, their cubic form and narrow openings create challenges for thoroughly mixing the paint in the tote. INDCO has developed a new line of mixers that eliminate these challenges, providing smooth, even product flow for marking applications.

Designed to attach and detach from the tote without tools or brackets, these mixers can be re-configured for different tote sizes and applications in seconds. Simply re-configure the mixer by changing the drive segment and/or agitator, avoiding costly cross-contamination of different tote contents.

Tote Mixer Drive

The tote mixers are available in gear-drive and direct-drive models and are powered by air or electric motors. They can be built for either standard or explosion-proof operation, depending on the operating environment and utilities available. The BGTC series includes air-powered models from 3/4 to 2 horsepower, with shaft-driven folding impellers that can fit through 6-inch tote openings. They can be supplied with a fixed or variable-speed drive, and feature solid mounting brackets that can clamp to the tote cage or connect to it using toggle clamps.

When painting a tote bag, it is best to plan out your design before grabbing the paint brush. This may include making a rough pencil sketch on the bag, or at least selecting colors that will work well together. Regardless of how you choose to decorate the bag, always begin with the lightest color first. Once you have the base coat of color down, you can begin putting in outlines and details like the pineapples on this bag. We recommend using textile medium or fabric paint (which is acrylic paint with a medium that allows the paint to be laundered) for this type of project.