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IBC Mixer And Agitator For IBC Storage And Transport Containers

Dec 15

Mixing and blending of liquids is the foundation for industrial processing. Ibc anti-contamination mixer into your operation allows you to re-suspend and remix settled or separated materials within Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) totes while also reducing unloading, loading and cleaning time. White Mountain Process offers a selection of superior portable tote mixers and agitators for use with IBC storage and transport containers. Our experts can help you determine construction, type and size of mixer based on your application.

The most versatile tote mixer on the market. Using compressed air to agitate the product, this system mounts directly through the standard 6 inch IBC lid opening hole and pulsates the air into both the bottom and far corners of the tank for a thorough mixing action without extra motor bridge mounts. The result is a powerful mixer that installs in minutes and is safe to touch while delivering superior mixing results for your products and re-suspending materials in the IBC tote tank for re-homogenization.

A powerful agitator for re-homogenizing liquid food products in corrugated bag-in-box liquid tote tanks and polyurethane foam insulated tote tanks. The large bubble mixing process enables fast and effective re-homogenization without damaging the plastic liner or changing the characteristics of your product.

Designed to aid growers, ag retailers and chemical wholesalers in performing safe and convenient mixing processes in IBC storage and transport containers. This tote mixer easily re-mixes settled or separated liquids and suspends solids within the tote tank for re-homogenization prior to transfer to other systems. The mixer also provides a means for mixing custom mixtures in the IBC tote before shipment. The mixer mounts quickly and easily in the tote with a stainless steel bung clamp and a deluxe toggle clamp bracket design.

Matcon IBC Powder Blenders expand the blending capabilities of an IBC tote agitator to include high shear cutting and dispersing to break down lumps and agglomerates in powders that will not blend by flow alone. Adding a high shear cutter to the IBC blender enables the incorporation of liquid fats in recipes, more cohesive powders to be processed and agglomerated lumps to be broken up.

These tote mixers are sanitary and safe for use with food-grade ingredients for quick and effective tote agitation. The process utilizes clean, compressed air or gas to rapidly agitate the product in the IBC tote tank for efficient mixing and blending.

The sanitary IBC agitator is designed to easily mount in the lid of a Schutz style tote, which are commonly used for chemical storage and transportation. The 5.75" collapsible mixer fits through the standard 6" screw cap opening at the top of most Schutz style tote containers and combines with a pneumatic actuator for mixing. The tote agitator is powered by a 1/2 HP TEFC, totally enclosed fan cooled electric motor and ships pre-wired for connection to the control box or optional ATEX switch modules.