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Bounce House Rentals - Things to Consider Before Renting

Jan 17

If you have children, then you know the excitement that comes with a good bounce house. New Orleans Bounce House Rentals can be a great addition to any party or gathering and give kids a chance to let off some steam while enjoying themselves. There are a number of different types of bounce houses, and each one offers its own unique style and features.

Some of the popular options include inflatable slides and obstacle courses. There are even bounce houses with built-in water slides for extra wet fun! Some of these inflatables may require a larger area than your average bounce house because they need to be set up on a large hose and have access to a water source.

Before renting any bounce house, make sure you fully vet the owner of the business by giving them a call or visiting their physical location. This is important because it allows you to ask direct questions about their safety protocols, how often they clean and sanitize their bounce houses, and what insurances and permits they have in place. This step is essential because it ensures that you are renting a high quality, safe bouncy castle that meets local zoning laws and agreements.

Another thing to consider is how long you want to rent the bounce house for. Most companies prefer to rent out their equipment in blocks of time, and this usually ranges between four to eight hours. If you need a bounce house for longer than this, then you will need to look into getting an extended rental permit.

You should also find out whether the rental company can provide you with a power cord. This is especially important if you're planning to have your bounce house outdoors, as many cities and towns have regulations against using generators for outdoor entertainment. Some of them even have regulations against having them within certain distances from homes, which can put your family in danger if someone gets electrocuted.

Finally, you should learn about how the company handles weather conditions. Different companies have different policies in place for this, but most will refund your money if you cancel the order because of unfavorable weather. This is because rain and high winds are unsafe for bounce houses, and they can damage the equipment.

Bounce house rentals are an excellent option for birthday parties, family gatherings, block parties, and any other event where children will be present. They are a lot more affordable than hiring an amusement park or putting on a community event, and they offer endless amounts of entertainment for kids and adults alike. Plus, you can even add on extras like a cotton candy or popcorn machine to make the occasion that much more special.

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