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Importance of Contamination Free Mixing

Feb 23

Contamination is the presence of an unwanted material that interferes with a product or process. This unwanted material may be chemical, biological or microbiological in nature. Mixing can lead to contamination in any production setting. It can happen during pre-production, during the actual production procedures or even post-production. The Contamination free mixing can be caused by human error, a manufacturing mistake or from cross-contamination between different products or processes.

During mixing, it is crucial to have contamination free equipment in order to prevent the spread of pathogens and other contaminants from one food or ingredient to another. This is particularly important when dealing with foods that carry a higher risk of bacterial or viral contamination, such as leafy greens, raw eggs, unpasteurized milk, deli meat, bean sprouts, and left-over foods. Food-to-food cross-contamination can also occur if the same equipment, surfaces, and utensils are used for both contaminated and uncontaminated foods without properly sanitizing them in between.

This can be caused by a chemical contamination or a biological contamination such as bacteria or fungus. It can also be caused by a physical contamination, such as a leak in the mixing container. The contamination can cause the product to degrade and lose its intended consistency and properties, which can result in a loss of revenue for the company involved.

In agriculture, IBC totes are commonly used for mixing fertilizers and other chemicals in water delivery systems. These tote mixers provide an effective and safe way for farmers to ensure their crops receive a uniform mixture of nutrients and other materials. IBC tote mixing is an environmentally-friendly option, as the totes can be reused for other applications and are made of durable materials that withstand harsh working conditions.

For a contamination-free tote mixer that will save money in the long run, look for a model that uses NASA designed variable pitch blades that make it easy for workers to switch between different applications and materials. The EvenMix tote mixer, for example, is able to provide high-quality mixing and blending with a single unit. Their patented technology helps customers maintain their produce mix quality, reduce their overall raw material inputs and achieve a delivery that is consistent with the formulation.


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