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DTF Transfers

Jun 14

Unlike traditional screen printing, DTF (Direct to Fabric) transfers are capable of printing full-color, photorealistic designs on both light and dark garments. These high-resolution graphics are printed on a specialized PET film, and then covered with powder adhesive, which adheres to the inks when heated. This is what makes DTF so versatile and durable. DTF Transfers are able to withstand many washes without any noticeable deterioration of print quality.

DTF is a revolutionary process that provides a number of key benefits for apparel decorators and T-shirt businesses. These advantages include no color limitations, easy application and removal, and a soft hand finish. DTF prints, compared to HTV, also have the advantage of being printed at lower temperatures, which eliminates scorch marks and allows you to achieve much finer details.

The first step in the DTF process is digital design creation and conversion to a printable format. This is typically done with a graphic software program, like Photoshop, and is used to finalize the design for printing. This process is critical, as it determines the overall quality of the resulting print.

A specialized DTF printer is then used to print the design onto a PET film using a CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) ink set as well as a white ink underbase for vibrant full-color prints. The next step is to coat the print with a powder adhesive, which is a highly-effective hot melt adhesive that is sprinkled on top of the ink layer. The film is then put through a curing oven or heat press for a short period of time. The heat causes the powder to melt, which creates a robust bond between the film and the adhesive.

Once the film is cured, it is then ready to be transferred to the substrate of choice. The transfer can be applied to both light and dark garments, and it is easy to remove and reapply, even after repeated washings. This is why DTF is such an efficient and flexible method of custom apparel decorating.

Build Your Own Gang Sheet

When it comes to ordering DTF transfers, a gang sheet is a great option. These gang sheets allow you to order multiple different logos/designs in one file and save money by reducing production costs. We offer both single and multi-color gang sheets, depending on your needs.

DTF gang sheets are available in either white or black backgrounds and can be printed on both light and dark fabrics. The gang sheets are 22 inches wide by your chosen height, and they can be printed with up to 100 total transfers.