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The tft leaderboards are a great way to see how your tft site is competing against other tft sites in the world. This tool will let you know what country your tft website is ranking in, what keyword it’s ranking for, and also its rank worldwide. You can use this information to compare yourself with others who have similar websites that are ranked similarly within their own countries or worldwide. If you want more traffic on your TFT site, then start by using these tools!


It’s not enough to be on top of the tft leaderboards. You need to stay there too! The tft leaderboard is a website that ranks tft games and their players based on various categories like kills, wins, deaths, damage dealt etc. It has been around for over two years now and it gets updated every 12 hours or so with new data from tft games all around the world. If you want your name at the top of this list then you will have to play smart and work hard in order to maintain your position as number one!



There are tft leaderboards for tft games in various tft categories. You can see the top players and teams of tft on this website as well which is a lot more interesting because it shows the best tft player rankings worldwide!

Teamfight Tactics

The main focus of these tft sites, however, is to rank t ft players based on TFT games results or tft teams based on tft scores.


This is a list of the t/tfr games and their players based on various categories like kills, wins, deaths, damage dealt etc. It has been around for over two years now and it gets updated every 12 hours or so with players eagerly awaiting the updates as they are revealed.

What Is Teamfight Tactics?

Teamfight Tactics is tft for short, a tft game that was released in 2018 by Riot Games and it has been immensely popular ever since. The tft gameplay involves players taking part in matches or battles with the goal of destroying their opponents’ base before they do so to you. There are two teams which have three lanes on which to battle and tft champions to place on the board.

The tft game has been causing a lot of internet sensation with many players developing their own tft builds or strategies that have helped them immensely in various games. The tft strategy involves using different t/tfr characters, abilities and weapons depending on the situation which can be very challenging.


TFT Weapons Options

In Teamfight Tactics there are several weapons available to use. These include tft weapons such as tft melee, tft ranged and tft healing.

TFT Melee Weapons

In t/tfr there are three different types of melee weapon you can use; tft basic attack, t ft self heal or t ft lifesteal.

Basic attacks will have a weaker effect than any other type of this melee weapon, but it is still effective.

Next we have self heal t tft self heal. This weapon will not do t ft melee damage, but it can be used to heal your character.

Finally, tft lifesteal is a melee t/tfr weapon which provides the user with health for every attack they make against an enemy unit in range. It’s important to note that you cannot use this on allied units or structures and also takes away from any healing items you may have active.

TFT Ranged Weapons

In tft there are two different types of ranged weapons available; t ft basic attacks and tft knockback abilities .

The main difference between these two types of weapons is their effect on targets within a certain radius – while both carry similar damage output, one will push the tft target away from t/tfr user, while tft other will pull it towards t ft tft attacker.

Basic Attacks

TFT basic attacks are tfts main form of ranged attack which come in a variety of forms:

– Arrows – A common projectile that can be shot by most Basic Archers and has a medium range for an ability with this long cooldown time; perfect for picking off low health minions or champions who have wandered too far forward.

The Ballista – This is another weapon available to only those players using the Builder class and offers the highest damage output when used at max level against structures but requires reloading before you fire again so make sure your shots count! Have one of these on hand.


Hopefully, you’ll now join the community and enjoy these battles.



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