Beginner’s Guide To Cost And Price Analysis By SpendLogic

SpendLogic is pleased to announce the publication of its new guide, “Cost And Price Analysis: A Beginner’s Guide” The guide is the first in a series of publications that are designed to help government contractors understand price analysis and cost analysis when bidding on government contracts. 
The guide explains to contractors the importance of understanding cost and price analysis and how it can be used to help them better understand bidding on government contracts.
“Contractors should know how to spend their money. They should be able to use the cost and price analysis provided by SpendLogic to better understand bidding on government contracts,” said Patrick Mathern, founder of SpendLogic.

America’s federal government spends about $900 billion a year on goods and services, and federal agencies contract with hundreds of thousands of prime contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. SpendLogic, a website that helps companies bid on government contracts, has released a new guide that explains how to save millions of dollars by analyzing the costs and prices of government contracts.

The guide goes over the difference between cost analysis and price analysis, the pricing elements of a government contract, when conditions require a cost analysis, the cost analysis process, and elements of a cost analysis, among other topics.

SpendLogic also offers a handy powerpoint guide that a user can refer to while learning more about cost and price analysis.

SpendLogic specializes in providing subcontract cost and price analysis solutions to government prime contractors and subcontractors. They started as 23 Degrees Consulting in 2009 and have grown by referral to include many of the country’s largest defense contractors and their suppliers. Through our tools and services, we help primes and subs analyze hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

Your company probably knows how to perform cost and price analysis, but nobody in the industry does it faster, with a higher success rate, than SpendLogic.

Founder Patrick Mathern Patrick started his career with The Boeing Company in 2001 prior to founding 23 Degrees Consulting, which went on to become SpendLogic.  He has conducted analysis of, or on behalf of, major aerospace and defense contractors including The Boeing Company, Rockwell Collins, Northrop Grumman, Exelis, and Harris as well as other sub-tier contractors. He holds his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA, and his M.B.A. from the University of Washington in Seattle.

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