Bounce House Rentals

Bounce House Rentals are the best way to provide a fun indoor activity for birthday parties, company events, community fairs and other corporate get-togethers. Inflatable games and bounce houses can be used indoors as well as outdoors. If you’re hosting a special event at your backyard, make sure there’s enough space to accommodate everyone. Bounce houses and inflatables are available for rent for company functions, community fairs and church meetings, as well as birthday parties. Bounce houses and inflatables are provided with unparalleled customer service and on time delivery!

Bounce House Rentals offer many types of Bounce House fun for children and adults of all ages. Bounce houses and inflatable rentals are equipped with many accessories that make the activity even more enjoyable. There are many styles and colors available for indoor or outdoor Bounce House Rentals. bounce house rentals include water slides, obstacle courses, indoor playground sets, bounce castles, dunk tanks, moonwalks and so much more. Bounce houses rentals offer many options, including packages that include a bounce house with slides, water slide and obstacle course, concession stands, and many other features.

Bounce House Rentals come complete with fold up bounce houses and inflatables for safe and easy storage. There are many sizes available to meet the needs of your guests and your budget. For kids there are bounce houses with slide, one and two levels, water slides, jump games and more. There are moonwalks, inflatable games and dome bounce houses for adults. Bounce House Rentals’ best feature is that inflatables and bouncehouses are built to last.

Bounce House Rentals come with non-slip safety mats which will help keep little ones, even toddlers, safe from falling while enjoying the bounce house. Safety harnesses can be added to keep both children and adults safe. Some bounce houses come with automatic shut-off systems and solar panels. The inflatable rental product can be stored safely even in the heat with shut-off systems and solar panels.

Bounce house rentals are available in many sizes, so it is easy to find one that suits your needs. Most of them are designed to hold up to four people but depending on the type of inflatable rental you purchase, you can add on additional people easily. There are many sizes and shapes of bounce house obstacles to fit your needs and to allow you to enjoy the various activities that you might choose. There are several types of obstacle courses: tunnel, basketball courts or giant sandboxes. There is also mini golf, spiral ramps and obstacle jumping bowls.

Water slides and waterfalls are two of the most popular options for renting a bounce house. Inflatable water slides are an ideal way to entertain children in the backyard at parties or just when you want some much needed fresh air. The best part about water slides is that they’re available in sizes from small to X-large! water slide rentals can be found at local rental outlets and online.

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