Andrew Broad who has lost his job. Picture Kym Smith
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Colbert mocks Aussie ‘sugar baby’ saga

US television host Stephen Colbert has taken aim at Andrew Broad after he was forced to quit over his “sugar baby” scandal — and the late-night star didn’t hold back.

Colbert appeared on his regular program The Late Show and delivered a two-and-a-half minute monologue on the scandal which has rocked the National Party.

Colbert told the audience that he was going to talk about a “political story from the land Down Under”.

When he got one reaction from a member of the crowd, who may have been Australian, he said “Really?” before adding “G’Day”.

He then went on to say: “Turns out Australian politicians have career ending scandals too, except there your life goes down the toilet in the other direction.”

Colbert then retold the woman’s account of meeting him for dinner in Hong Kong where he allegedly referred to himself as ‘James Bond’ before complaining about the expensive restaurant prices.

“Classic Bond. ‘Martini, shaken, not stirred … and I have a Groupon’,” Colbert joked.

Watch part of the segment above.

Stephen Colbert takes aim at Andrew Broad

Stephen Colbert takes aim at Andrew Broad’s ‘sugar baby’ scandal on his late-night TV talk show. Picture: Supplied/CBSSource:Supplied

“Well we here at the Late Show got our hands on some of the other extremely Australian sext messages that Andrew Broad sent,” he added.

The first text message read: “We’ll boomerang back to my place, I’ll peel your clothes off and then softly say, ‘what say I toss my shrimp on your barbie?’’

The second one read: “We’ll listen to some sweet didgeridoo, then at the moment of ecstasy I’ll shout, ‘Hugh Jackman!’’

The third one had a clanger that said: “Outback Steakhouse. No rules. Just sex.”

The TV segment comes as Deputy Nationals leader Bridget McKenzie has not explicitly ruled out vying for Broad’s at the next federal election.

The senator’s term isn’t due to expire until 2022, but there’s speculation she is plotting a move to the lower house to position herself for a future leadership bid.

Mr Broad will no longer recontest the safe Nationals seat of Mallee in northern Victoria at the election, likely in May, after it emerged he used a “sugar baby” website to meet with a younger woman in Hong Kong, charging taxpayers for the domestic leg of the trip.

An image appearing in a New Idea story purportedly showing a woman named Amy, who goes under the pseudonym "Sweet Sophia Rose". Rose was allegedly involved in a

An image appearing in a New Idea story purportedly showing a woman named Amy, who goes under the pseudonym ‘Sweet Sophia Rose’. Rose was allegedly involved in a ‘sugar daddy relationship’ with Nationals MP Andrew Broad. Picture: Supplied/New IdeaSource:Supplied

Asked whether she will try to fill Mr Broad’s seat, Senator McKenzie hedged her bets.

“There’s been a lot of speculation in recent times about what I, as senator for Victoria, am going to do,” she told reporters in Wagga Wagga last week.

“But I can tell you what I’m not going to do: I’m not going to give up on representing the great state of Victoria, give up on fighting for rural and regional Australia.”

She has also stressed she is backing Nationals leader Michael McCormack.

“I’m deputy leader of the Nationals and my role is to support the strong leadership of Michael McCormack and what we, as a team, have been able to deliver for regional Australia,” she said.

Andrew Broad who has lost his job. Picture Kym Smith

Andrew Broad who has lost his job. Picture Kym SmithSource:News Corp Australia

The senator became deputy leader about a year ago and said the weeks preceding former leader Barnaby Joyce stepping down were among the hardest she’s faced.

“Three of the most difficult weeks of my career were supporting our previous leader, as he sought to get the balance right between his personal and professional life and I think they were incredibly difficult,” she said.

Mr McCormack said his deputy would have his full support if she wanted to run in Mallee, but he stressed the Nationals usually put locals into seats.

It was reported in October that Senator McKenzie would move her electoral office into the seat of Indi, held by independent MP Cathy McGowan, about 300km from her previous base in Bendigo.

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