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Ethical Hackers vs Dark Web Hackers: Spy vs Spy

Nov 7

The dark web, in particular, evokes images of evil agents lurking online in search of illicit drugs, personal data, and the newest ransomware software. According to a Symantec blog post on called "Scratching the Surface: What You Should Know About the Deep and Dark Web," however, the origins of the deep web lie with the United States government.

A variety of services are available to allow nearly anybody with access to the darknet (and the ability to convert money to cryptocurrency for payment) to hire hackers for their work. Hacking emails, social media accounts, and developing harmful software are just a few examples of services offered.

The darknet isn't inherently bad, and is basically a parallel internet that has applications in nearly every area of life. It may be used for everything from exploring information on a topic, to email and social media, to file hosting and sharing, and reporting news.

To access the dark web, you'll need the Tor browser, which is a specialized browser that does not reveal your location.

"Hiring hackers", according to Julian Birkman, who runs an educational site,, dedicated to the topic of hacking and cybersecurity, "is becoming more popular nowadays because the dark web is a gold mine of information." The dark web may be exploited in a variety of ways for valuable cyber threat data. AI algorithms might be used to scan onion sites for usable information, while cybersecurity professionals break into the world of hackers and learn from their rivals' activities.

Hacking and technological crime services are available on certain sites, including malware, DDoS attacks, and hacking for hire. A diverse range of these and other items are available on many platforms, including counterfeit goods. The issue is important enough to garner a response by the IMF.

For this reason, companies occasionally hire ethical hackers as a countermeasure to hired hackers on the dark web. This is beneficial to clients as it encourages them to think like attackers. They strive to discover how to get access and inflict damage. Their goal is to reveal vulnerabilities before attackers can do so. Organizations may use this information to repair the problems before hackers are able on their own