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Everything We Know About Hacks Season 2 – E! Online

Likewise, Kaitlin feels the love is genuine between D.J. and her new husband. “I think towards the end, you see that they actually really love each other and that he brings out something very special in her and her ability to see the good in herself,” she shared. “I hope that it’s actually a real relationship.”

On the other hand, Kaitlin said, “Comedically, I hope that it gets disastrously screwed up because that’s just funny.”

Other than that, Kailtin has no idea what the future holds for her character, as this is one of the few projects she’s acted in but didn’t produce. She said it’s both “terrifying and very exciting” to not know what will happen to D.J., but she feels “very fortunate” to be working alongside, Jean, Hannah and the rest of the crew.

As for Marcus, the writers want him to have his happy ending after “he’s kind of turned his back on his personal life in pursuit of the almighty dollar,” as co-creator and director Lucia Anello described it, according to Paul.

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