How To Sell/Close Your Listings Quickly? Use These Real Estate Photo Tips!

If you want to sell your house quickly, having professional photos in your listings and real estate marketing materials is a must. We live in the digital age and consumers expect to see high-quality real estate photography included in property listings. 

A great picture can make a strong first impression and pique a buyer’s interest to investigate your listing further. In fact, listings that show high-quality photos tend to sell about 32% faster than those without photos. 

With 80% of home buyers shopping online for properties, there’s really no reason to not include photos in your property listings. To bolster this point, 72% of realtors agree that using quality photos in their real estate marketing helps them win more listings.  

Agents can use these tips to get your property sold quickly!

Hiring a professional photographer

While it is true that many everyday electronic devices come with built-in cameras, most people are not professional photographers. Taking real estate photography is an art that requires having the right equipment and technique to take pictures like a pro. 

Needless to say, hiring a professional to handle your real estate photos would be your best option. However, not everyone has the access or the budget to hire a professional photographer. 

In other cases, people may even have enough skills and decent equipment for a DIY project. For these individuals, hiring a professional may not make much sense. 

Whatever the case may be, we’ll share some great tips on how you can take excellent real estate photos that can attract buyers to your listings. 

Real estate photo tips

  • Get your house in order:
    First thing’s first, you are selling your property, not the way you live in your home. That means that everything and every room must look impeccably clean and organized. Try to stage each room perfectly and with an adequate amount of lighting.

    If the buyer can picture themselves sitting on your couch, you’re probably doing a good job.
    1. Provide an honest presentation of your home:
      Nothing turns clients away faster than misrepresenting material facts. Yes, you want to make sure that your real estate photos capture the essence of your home.

      However, purposely hiding important details from the customer can potentially be an immediate deal-breaker.

    2. Take a ton of photos:
      While your goal should obviously be to show your buyer the very best photos, you may be tempted to focus on capturing single shots. Instead, you should let the camera dozens upon dozens of photos that show varieties in angles and perspective.

      In the end, you’ll be more confident that you have truly chosen the best pics of the bunch.

    3. Showcase the layout of the home:
      Pics that clearly show the layout of the property are incredibly helpful for homebuyers. These can provide them with a realistic idea of the flow of the room and how each room interacts with the other.
  • Stick to landscape orientation:
    A landscape-oriented picture provides a much more complete view of a room than if taken in portrait mode. In addition, MLS systems use landscape orientation in their property listings. 

Take real estate photos that tell a story

Hopefully, you’ll find these tips helpful in taking real estate photos that can help win buyers over. If the buyer can feel that they are walking through your home just by looking at your almost-pro photos, you’re doing a great job.

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