Invicta Dive Watches Are Very Versatile

Invicta has always done things differently – a tradition that stems from this watch brand’s inception.

Invicta assembles their watches in both Japan, and Switzerland, and they have even created their own lume, and crystals called Tritnite, and Flame Fusion respectively. Flame Fusion uses mineral crystal, which is coated with a layer of sapphire crystal for the best in scratch resistance.

Invicta makes watches for both men and women, with their most popular collections being the Pro Diver, the Lupah, Angel, Speedway, and Reserve collections.

But there is one type of watch that is extremely versatile: the dive watch.

The relatively low price of this stylish watch might leave you with some extra cash to spend on an alternative strap or bracelet.

Since its introduction in 1953, this model remained largely unchanged and has become the quintessential dive watch.

Dive watches (or “divers”) are perfectly suitable for business casual or smart casual attire, and they certainly won’t raise any eyebrows in casual environments.

You can even wear them with formal outfits like three piece suits (if James Bond did it, that’s good enough for us).

Dive watches are some of the coolest watches out there. They’re sporty, casual, rugged and durable.

There’s one watch, in particular, that made divers so incredibly popular over the last few decades.

But dive watches are so classic, iconic and cool. Which is why James Bond has been wearing them for over 50 years.

The Invicta Diver is available with a blue and a black dial.

I prefer the blue one (which is also what James Bond wore in the movies) but you might want to make your choice of color depending on your skin tone.

If you’ve never worn a dive watch before, even the 36.25 mm model can feel big on your wrist, which might take some time to get used to it.

Divers are typically chunky, heavy watches with thick, sturdy bracelets.

But remember that dive watches are bigger by design, and unless you have unusually skinny wrists you’ll be fine with a 36.25 mm watch from a style perspective.

And a quality dive watch will likely last you a lifetime.

For a much more affordable option, look no further than Invicta Watches from

The relatively low price of this watch might leave you with some extra cash to spend on an alternative strap or bracelet.

As you can see, there are plenty of high quality, stylish dive watches that look good on your wrist.

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