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Is SEO Worth The Business Investment

Sep 1

Most businesses now have an online presence, either to sell directly, gain leads or just give power to the brand. So, is SEO worth the effort of time and money to invest anymore? Or has the big guns got it all sorted?

The answer lies in the eventual return on investment or (ROI). If money is invested now in optimising a website to improve it rankings, at what point if ever would there be a return?

The Industry Full of Over Promise Under Deliver.

The who issue is compounded by the SEO agency who over promises the return, but in reality the eventual pot of gold is much smaller. The real answer lies in where the business is planning to go and can it go without online sales? So many of the high street stores in the UK have closed because they did not take the opportunity to understand that their customers want to order online.

Where the business was is not always what the business has to be to survive. So, the answer lies with the customer, if an easy to find online presence is not available, will the customer buy elsewhere? IN most cases of course they would.

A suggestion from a SEO strategist agency, is that your business should at least rank for its brand name. For most brands this should be easy and not expensive. If any customer is looking online for their favourite business and cannot find them by brand, it is really bad news and a definite money losing situation.

Ranking For Products And Services

This is where a good SEO strategist can give an idea of cost by reverse engineering the competition. How many inks, how much content and full audit etc. An idea of time it will take is also possible but should never be taken to the letter as Google has a mind of doing what it likes.

Using these costs and an estimation of conversion should give an indication of expected sale and profits. However, do not expect this to be a quick return, even those who buy readymade websites expect to pay 30 times its monthly revenue. The return may be quicker with an established website, but you get the idea, it is unlikely to pay back its cost in the first month.

Design V SEO

We all like well-designed websites, but being designed to look good, but to be fast and mobile friendly is so much more important in the real world. Designing a website to be SEO efficient should be the priority over the design that may slow the site down, including JavaScript hi-res images and the like.

The Other Side Of The Coin

There are businesses who hopes of being successful online just are not realistic enough. Assuming there are more customers looking for those products or services than there really are. Convenience services that are bought with a premium don’t always suit the internet either, as online shopping tends to be for those looking for a better price.

So, focusing 100% on online marketing for many businesses is just as bad idea as not doing any SEO at all.

So often a good balance between all types of marketing is the right way to go and do not forget the social media offering.