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Nov 1

Event Company in London

Boo Productions are a London based event company that specialises in creating memorable and immersive experiences for its customers. From 2004 to the present, we have been putting on events.

We know how to make them stand out from the crowd. We will take care of every aspect of the event, from planning to execution, so that you can simply relax and enjoy yourself.

Your guests will be unable to tear themselves away from an event hosted by us.

They will be talking about your event for weeks afterward, and they will tell their friends about how much fun they had. It is more than just an event; it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

There is no need to look further if you are looking for the best and most unique event management company in London.

BOO Productions are capable of handling any event, from a child's birthday party to a major corporate event.

Full-Service Event Management

Are you concerned about the prospect of working with a number of different vendors? We've taken care of everything! We can take care of every aspect of your event, from beginning to conclusion. We can handle everything from event planning to minute-to-minute administrative details for you. We are a reputable event management company that will save you time by eliminating the need to search for multiple vendors.

Our goal is to assist you in planning and executing the ideal event. We want you to have a good time while you're here!

As a London-based event management company, we are able to take care of everything from start to finish for you.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 020 8542 1480 or visit

We are happy to help you!

Event Production and Planning

This London-based event company is a dependable partner for any and all of your special occasion needs. Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of clients and look forward to working with you as well!

We'll take care of everything for your corporate event or private party, from beginning to end. We provide a personalised service to ensure that each and every experience is one to remember.

Your event manager will oversee the entire process and ensure that everything runs smoothly. It is possible for us to handle everything. With extensive knowledge of many different areas throughout London, we are confident in our ability to locate something that will meet both your financial and aesthetic requirements in one place.

Management and consulting for events

We understand that every event is different, and we know how to make it memorable! On each project, we collaborate with a diverse group of vendors from across the country. If you have a specific vision in mind, we can assist you in finding a vendor who can bring it to life.

Throughout the planning process, we provide exceptional customer service and are available to answer any questions you may have about the process. We want you to be comfortable in the knowledge that everything is under control and that we are taking care of the small details for you. We'll make it exciting and enjoyable for you, no matter what.

If you have any questions, please call us at 020 8542 1480 or email us at [email protected].


Designing an event

As a creative events agency, we are first and foremost artists. We enjoy creating events that are both elegant and stylish, as well as meaningful and memorable. We enjoy working with both private and corporate clients, whether it's for a corporate event, a children's theme party, or a team-building activity. Every client receives a personalised touch, ensuring that their event will be one-of-a-kind in every way.

We are a seasoned event planning company based in London with many years of experience. This means that we have most likely already begun planning your fantasy party. We know exactly what it takes to make an event memorable. All you have to do is come up with a concept.

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Catering for a specific event is a form of art in and of itself.

Do you prefer finger food or do you prefer waiter service more comfortably? Cocktails or hors d'oeuvres may be more appropriate for your occasion. You can use both at the same time!

We have partnered with some of London's most renowned caterers in order to provide you with the highest quality service and food.

You have the option of going with a more traditional approach or something more experimental.

Services for audio-video

Our technicians are experts in handling everything, from microphones and sound systems to large LCD video displays for presentations. We can meet all your audio-visual needs.


Bespoke Luxury Events

Custom layouts for your corporate event can be designed and built by our team. We have a great deal of experience in designing and constructing custom arrangements for special occasions and events. Our original ideas, creativity, originality, and perfection are what distinguish us from other event planners in the industry.

We've created some incredible themes for both private and business clients.

We can provide you with a variety of backdrops and sets for your photo shoots. They are ideal for special occasions such as corporate Christmas parties or children's birthday celebrations, among other things.

When we're working, we take great care. This means that if you come back to us for advice, it is a sign that we did a fantastic job on the first occasion.

You can see some of our previous case studies here.

This includes our award-winning corporate theme POP ART which was held at Hawkers House in Canada Water.

Virtual Events

Virtual events are becoming an increasingly popular segment of the event industry in today's rapidly changing world.

Trying to come up with a creative and entertaining way to host your next business event? Look no further. The immersive virtual events, which include story-driven actors, have proven to be a huge hit with the public. These events attract a larger audience while also reducing travel expenses for participants. Virtual events have the additional advantage of being able to reach people all over the world while also requiring less overhead than traditional events (not only that, but it also makes it more sustainable for the environment).

Come see our unique, cutting-edge virtual events. Check out our Virtual Events


Corporate Gatherings    

In addition to providing full-service corporate event management, Boo Productions also provides entertainment services. We are able to deliver events on time and within budget because of our in-house resources, as well as the assistance of event designers and production managers, among other things.

In advance of each live event, we meet with corporate clients to discuss their needs in greater detail. After that, we develop a suitable concept that takes into account both the budget and the subject matter. This has assisted us in the creation of hundreds of events for businesses of all sizes.

In order to assist you in determining the most important aspects of your next event, we will conduct an analysis of your goals and objectives.

After that, we collaborate with our in-house specialists to design an event that makes the most of all of our resources while also providing you with an unforgettably memorable experience.


Parties for Children

Boo Productions is a full-service event management company that specialises in children's events. We can accommodate groups of any size and have planned hundreds of children's Christmas parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, and summer fun days at places of business. The children's entertainers we work with include some of the most talented individuals in the industry. These individuals include clowns, face painters, balloon artists, and puppeteers, among others.

Our friendly and knowledgeable party planners will assist you in navigating the process and coordinating everything so that you can simply enjoy your child's birthday celebration. We want to make your party one that everyone will remember!

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