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Migos Type Beat - Remind Me - Produced By The Corporatethief Beats

Oct 22

The use of type beats has created a division between music producers and beatmakers around the world. While some welcome the idea of seemingly imitating the beats of a well-known artist, for example, the production of Type Beats with a similar sound to that of the producer. The truth remains that when many rap artists go online to search for hip-hop instrumentals, they search for them with a specific artist name as part of the search query. 


Taking the needs of upcoming artists to heart, The Corporatethief Beats is focused on helping musicians find high-quality hip-hop beats and obtain the best music marketing advice. They have relentlessly continued to provide type beats for upcoming artists in the United Kingdom and its environs. A type beat refers to hip hop instrumentals produced in a style similar to a specific music artist. One of the benefits of using type beats is that they offer upcoming artists a sense of familiarity with the given instrumentals.


Daniel aka The Corporatethief Beats Says.....


"Here is my latest hip hop beat similar to the style of a Migos Type Beat 2021 called "Remind Me". The instrumental is super simplistic and it carries elements of a basic Migos trap-style drum pattern, while the curx of the instrumental is driven by hypnotic chopped and screwed male vocal hook. 



VIDEO Timestamp: 00:00 - Intro00:25 - Rap Verse 101:07 - Rap Hook / Freestyle Refrain 01:30 - Rap Verse 2 02:23 - 2nd Rap Hook / Freestyle Refrain 02:40 - MIDDLE 8 BRIDGE 03:01 - Rap Verse 3 03:23 - 3Rd Rap Hook / Freestyle Refrain03:55 - OUTRO 2ND LOOP 04:55 - INTO05:15 - Rap Verse 1 06:04 - Rap Hook / Freestyle Refrain 06:33 - Rap Verse 2 07:23 - 2nd Rap Hook / Freestyle Refrain07:45 - MIDDLE 8 BRIDGE 08:01 - Rap Verse 3 08:23 - 3Rd Rap Hook / Freestyle Refrain08:55 - OUTRO



The beat has a very deep 808 drum pattern and a much faster high hat which alternates every 4 bars. Behind the instrumental, you will find a drone like a pad that just removes the silences of the track.

The producers for The Migos tend to like making beats that are built around a vocal sample or a pre-made hook. Here I found a very basic male vocals sample and down-tuned it the same key as the 808 base sounds. 

Throughout the instrumental, you will hear a delayed melodic synthesiser that carries the weight and the soul of the instrumental. It helps to build the awe and wonder of the music.

Migos Type Beat


Upcoming artists can access this heavily stocked audio library of type beats produced by The Corporatethief Beats some of which include Drake type beats, The Weekend type beats, Rae Sremmurd type beats, Rick Ross type beats, XXX Tentacion type beats, and more.

According to Hartnett, The Corporatethief Beats strives to add value to the musical career of artists while ensuring they make quality type beats at affordable prices. As part of efforts to support artists, Daniel Hartnett shares insightful updates in the blog section of the company’s website. The Corporatethief Beats Blog features marketing and promotional advice from Daniel Hartnett and a sizable list of curated resources for upcoming artists.






The beat is pretty minimalistic as are the majority of the Migos hard trap instrumentals. Rappers like The Migos like to have tons of space for adlibs and vocal chops which helps create their signature sound.

In specific sections of the instrumental beat, you will hear the kick, snare and claps alternate to create a different flare and sound that we are familiar with the Migos. 


At The Corporatethief Beats, Daniel Hartnett creates trap beats, hip hop beats, west coast beats, pop beats, and new school-type beats. For more information, please visit our contact links below.

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