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Most Profitable OSRS Skills This 2021

May 25

Skills are the name of the game in Old School Runescape and cannot be overlooked, especially if you want to make money or gain experience. There is a total of 23 skills; level 1-99 with one exception (hitpoints that start at level 10). The levels correspond closely with how much content can be accessed - a higher skill level means more options for making OSRS gold, grinding resources, etc.

In other words: high skills will open opportunities for your Runescape character.

Leveling up some of the skills in RS can be very expensive, but many of them come with benefits. For example, one skill is profitable from the start and it opens great gold farming possibilities when leveled enough. If you are looking for a way to make money quickly this may just be what you're looking for!

Top Moneymaking Skills In OSRS

Which skills are the best moneymakers in Old School Runescape? Here's a list of the top three most profitable skills in the game.


Runecrafting is a skill that allows you to create your own runes needed for magic. Leveling up this skill takes time and effort because the experience rewards are low, but it's worth leveling up despite the difficulty of clicking/banking/running so when high-level runes come around, they can be made with ease and profitably too!

Leveling the Runecrafting Skill high enough will enable you to Craft two High-Level runes with one Essence, which will double your profits. Crafting these more valuable Runes is not that simple though and requires some preparation (mainly access to The Abyss).


Smithing is a skill that allows you to process raw ore into bars and the bars into metal items. The Blast Furnace, found in Kaldagrim only for members, allows you to work on high-level ores such as Runite Ore which can be smelted there with great profit.

The Blast Furnace is an excellent way to make money, as it requires 50% less Coal than the traditional Smelting method. This profitable method can be found on Worlds 387, 352, 386, and 358 (the official Blast Furnace Worlds).

Players will need Smithing level 85 and high Agility skill for smelting Runite ores. Wearing any weight-reducing gear and carrying items like Energy and Stamina Potions, Ice Gloves, and a Coal Bag is necessary for this money-making method.


The skill of thieving is a special ability that you can gain and it will allow you to take items from chests, market stalls, even NPC's through pickpocketing. This Skill gets especially profitable at high levels because your success rate steadily rises as you level up this OSRS skill.

The best way to earn Gold from Thieving is by stealing from Master Farmers. Low-level players will not have enough skill but the higher your level, the more you can steal and make a profit (up to 94). To reach this high amount of thievery though, it is recommended that you use a piece of Rogue equipment which ensures more successful pickpocket attempts.