Painting a Home’s Exterior in Fort Collins: How Much Does It Cost, What Color to Paint?

When painting a house’s exterior, the paint cost can vary greatly depending on which colors you choose and how much paint is needed. For example, if you need to paint the entire home and it will take three gallons of paint at $40 per gallon, then the total paint cost will be around $1,200. If you only need to paint one side of your house with 1 gallon of paint at $25 per gallon, then that would come out to about $125. And if you just want to do spot touch-ups using half a quart for around $8 or so…well we might as well leave this calculation as an exercise for our readers!

Average Cost to Paint House Exterior

Paint cost per square foot can vary greatly depending on the colors chosen and how much paint is needed (i.e., number of gallons, types of paints). If you need to paint the entire home then it will take around three gallons at about $40 per gallon; for spot touch ups or painting.

How Long Does It Take to Paint House Exterior in Fort Collins?

The time it will take to paint a house’s exterior also varies depending on the colors you choose and the amount of paint needed. If we use our first example again, painting three sides with three gallons at $40 per gallon, then that would come out to four hours for two people (one coat).

There are many benefits to repainting the entire exterior of your home– from improving curb appeal and making it look new again, or just wanting a better color. When deciding on how much time to invest in the project, you have two options: paint by yourself or hire someone else to do it for you.

The Best Time of Year to Paint the Exterior of Your House

The best time of year to paint a house’s exterior is usually spring or fall. In the warmer months, it can be difficult for the exterior paints to cure properly and in colder months you might have trouble getting someone out there with any level of expertise– but don’t let that dissuade you if this sounds like your dream project!

Tips for Painting Home’s Exterior Brick

Painting a house’s exterior brick is actually not that difficult! It can be done by two people in about four hours with one coat. This cost will vary if you need to apply multiple coats or do other work like power washing the bricks first.

Tips for Painting Home’s Exterior Wood

Exterior painting on wood can be a bit more difficult than painting brick, but still not too bad for a few people. You will need to apply at least two coats of paint and sand between each coat– this is best done by two or three people in about eight hours with one gallon per person (two coats).

The Best White Paint Colors for Exteriors

If you’re looking for a really fresh and crisp look, we recommend Benjamin Moore’s White Dove. If you’re going with an off-white color to work in the warmer months or want something that will show less dirt (and therefore require fewer coats), then try Sherwin Williams’ Pure White OC-117.

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How Often Does A Home’s Exterior Need Repainted in in Fort Collins, CO?

Homeowners know better than anyone else how often their house exterior should be repainted. Factors that affect exterior painting include the following:

  • The condition of the substrate (does it need to be scraped, primed, caulked?)
  • The quality of prep work that was previously done
  • The type and quality of paint used on your house exterior

It’s difficult to say how often a home’s exterior needs repainted because it depends on what the house looks like. House paint has come a long way since the days of lead and coal tar, but in general, houses that are exposed constantly to sun or rain will need more frequent painting than those not as exposed. A home’s exterior typically needs repainting every five to eight years.

The following exterior house painting tips will help you achieve a look that lasts. 

Deal with Mold outside of the house – Repainting the beyond your home needs to be done frequently to offer defense from the elements. Yet an excellent house quality paint work calls for a lot of preparation work, which is as vital as the paint itself. Cleaning, fining sand, and priming will certainly aid the paint adhere as well as maintain the final product looking fresh. Complying with house exterior painting tips will certainly assist you accomplish a look that lasts.

Use a bleach-water solution, mixed with either detergent or TSP in a pump-up sprayer. Allow the bleach to remain on for 10-20 minutes then rinse off with water. Wet down and cover any plants that could be harmed before spraying anything!

Clean Your Home Exterior – To clean the exterior before painting, resort to a pressure washer if available. If not, use soap and long-handled brushes or scrubbers to wash away any dirt or loose paint.

Remove Loose Paint – Next step on painting the exterior of a house is to get a smooth finish. Use scraping tools like a butter knife or wire brush to remove any loose or peeling paint, and replace any rotten wood. Try not to hide problem spots with paint-in most cases it just prolongs the issue and might even make it worse!

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