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Tens Of Thousands Of Americans Are Alive Today Because Joe Biden Is President

President Biden reminded the American people that the success of his administration’s coronavirus vaccination program has resulted in tens of thousands of lives being saved.


President Biden said:

Well, as everybody knows, I promised we would administer 100 million shots in my first 100 days. After we met that goal, we doubled it to a historic 200 million shots. By the time we reached the 100 days last week, we shattered that mark with over 220 million shots in arms. As we stand here today, almost 150 million Americans have gotten at least one shot. Over 105 million Americans are fully vaccinated. And among the most vulnerable population is seniors, and we’re nearing 85% with those who got their first shot, and 70% of the seniors are fully vaccinated.

It’s a dramatic turnaround from where we were in January, and less than 2% of adults and less than 1% of seniors were vaccinated. Not only that, but cases are down in 40 states these past two weeks. Deaths are down dramatically since January. Down over 80% among seniors, which includes a drop among Hispanics of 80%, and African-Americans at 70% for seniors. There are tens of thousands of Americans alive today who would not be alive otherwise had they not had access to a rapid vaccination program. Mothers, dads, neighbors, old friends, they are around now and thank God for that.

The American people know that the previous administration made the pandemic worse with their refusal to act as the federal government and take responsibility for the virus. There is nothing in their behavior to suggested that they would have handled the vaccine rollout any differently than they handled PPE, which involved making states fight with each other and fend for themselves.

One of the biggest consequences of Joe Biden’s 2020 victory is that tens of thousands of American lives have been saved because he is president, and Donald Trump is not.

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