The Best Activities in Los Angeles

The fun things to do in Los Angeles are numerous and varied. This is the second largest city in the United States and Hollywood, the heart of the film industry, is a popular destination for tourists and out-of-towners. The city’s vast public transportation system allows visitors to easily hop from one entertainment venue to another. From big-name attractions like the Hollywood Studios and Disneyworld to smaller shops and zoos, the city has it all.

The Hollywood Studios is among the most famous tourist attractions in the city with its star-studded boulevards, grandiose streets and celebrity-filled sidewalks. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is home to the most notable names in Hollywood and other films and television shows. Along Hollywood Boulevard, there are numerous temporary exhibits and installations that are sure to delight the youngest guests to the festival. In addition to the Walk of Fame and other temporary exhibits, there are also a number of free attractions. These fun things to do in Los Angeles include a visit to the Universal Studios theme park, the Wet n Wild Waterpark and the Petting Zoo. Tourists can take part in the Toy Story ride at the Miracle Mile area, view the movie itself while enjoying a peanut butter sandwich at the peanut butter factory or visit the permanent collection of autographed celebrity photos at the Celebrity Walk of Fame.

Other fun things to do in Los Angeles include visiting the numerous temporary exhibits and attractions in the city. Among these attractions are the Star Wars Birthday Factory, the Sea World’s Shark Encounter and the Glitter Gulch Playground. Other attractions include the Disneyland Railroad and the Great Train Robbery, both located within the City of California. Other permanent attractions in the city include the Hollywood Studios, the Hoover Dam and the Great Wall of China. The Los Angeles River is host to numerous popular river festivals, including the Summer Solstice Boat Rides, scheduled each Sunday evening during the late summer months through October.

For those interested in art, there are many different venues for displays and exhibits featuring art enthusiasts from around the world. The Santa Barbara Renaissance Festival, for example, showcases works of artists from around the globe, while the Westwood Art Park features a summertime exhibit featuring works from local and international artists. Other fun things to do in the city include the Santa Barbara Art Institute and the Ace Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles.

For shoppers, other fun things to do in the city include visits to the various shopping districts. The Miracle Mile includes a large variety of shops and boutiques, while the Aloha Stadium is host to a variety of different sporting events, including baseball and football games. The Santa Barbara Market Center features both retail and food outlets, and also has temporary exhibits featuring local cuisine and art collections. Other temporary exhibits in the area include ones on the history of tattoos, photography and pottery. All of these things to do in the area are sure to make any visitor happy!

For those interested in the performing arts, there are many different events occurring both indoors and outdoors. One such event is the annual Santa Barbara Folk Festival, which is held in the Santa Barbara Convention Center. This four day event features traditional folk music, workshops and presentations by local and international artists. A large portion of the Folk Festival is devoted to the traditional art of Santa Barbara, including its rich culture in music, painting and pottery. This annual festival also features fireworks, street fairs and special performances by local and international artists.

For those interested in history, there are many different museums in the area to visit. Some of these museums offer free admission, while others charge a low fee. Some of the more popular museums to check out include: The Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of History, Modern Art Gallery and the Santa Barbara Historical Association. There are also numerous public lectures and programs in the area, which are offered throughout the year. Many of these events include some fun activities, such as an art stroll, in which visitors can enjoy the many different galleries and museums in the area.

No matter what your interests, there are many different fun things to do in and around Santa Barbara. Visitors to the area will be pleasantly surprised at the rich variety of experiences they can have while in the area. The abundance of activities available for all ages makes this city the perfect spot for a vacation. If you are looking for a fun, affordable place to take the family or just want to see something new, there are many different experiences to be had in this coastal community.

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