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The Masked Singer Is Playing With Our Patience – E! Online

We knew this was going to happen, and yet we’re still sort of mad about it. 

The Masked Singer just unmasked yet another celebrity, but not really. They did, but they also didn’t, ya know? Mostly, what they did was play a trick on us, just a few episodes after they had Kermit the Frog—a puppet—pop out of a giant snail. This time, they introduced a new “wild card” contestant, in the same vein as the Orca and the Crab.

The Bulldog appeared to be there to attempt to steal a place in the competition from one of the other contestants, but there was something sort of off about him. His voice was strange, and his costume was a whole lot less ornate than the others. It was essentially just a mask and a tracksuit—a nice tracksuit, sure, but not one that would win anybody any costume awards. 

Then, when it was time to vote for who deserved to stay in the competition, guest host Niecy Nash announced that she was actually just going to choose who would be taking off their mask, and it was the Bulldog. Then the Bulldog took off his mask and revealed himself to be…regular host Nick Cannon

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