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Watch: Bill Cosby’s Prosecutor Explains the World of Trouble Matt Gaetz Is in

Things have been quiet on the Matt Gaetz front for a few weeks. The news cycle is now focused on Rudy Giuliani and the issues with Liz Cheney.

That does not mean, however, that Gaetz isn’t in trouble anymore. In fact, he’s still facing very severe charges. Kristen Gibbons Fedden, the prosecutor who handled Bill Cosby’s case recently discussed Gaetz’s situation with MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin.

The host asked how worried Gaetz should be about what his friend Joel Greenberg may have told prosecutors.

“He should be very worried,” she replied. Because if he cooperates with prosecutors, if he gives statements consistent with the latter it will establish two for the prosecutors with the sex crimes against Gaetz. First that he gave money in exchange for sex and second that sexual contact was with a minor. This wouldn’t necessarily get the prosecutors over the finish line, right? Because they would still need to establish that this crime relates to interstate commerce which is a necessary precondition for federal involvement.”

Gibbons Fedden continued, “I think the prosecutors are still going to have an issue proving the age if they need to go under the same federal statute thatberg is indicted under. But if they can prove crossing the state lines but keep in mind, they had the Venmo payments and there could be some indication on those Venmo payments what was paid for. I think the prosecutors may have a battle but I think they may be able to prove their burden.”

Gaetz has gone on the attack against the accusations against him. He is planning on doing a tour with Marjorie Taylor Greene, another controversial Republican. He could, however, soon be facing very serious charges in court.


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